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At PGT, the Possibilities are endless..

Better Products in a Better Way

About Us

Our Founding members, with over 20 years of experience in Supply-Chain and Hospitality Industry, Foresaw the global demand for protein focused by-products and by combining their respective experience in supply-chain and hospitality, provide service that sets benchmark in the poultry by-product supply chain 

20 Years

Recognized industry excellence and a pioneer in setting benchmarks



We believe in the saying 'One for All, All for one'. We help create a business environment that does justice to both producers and consumers in terms of both quality and pricing. All while maintaining a completely transparent environment that the material can be re-traced to its producer.


To Create a well-connected network of producers and consumers and eveything in between, transparent enough to re-trace the material to its producer.


To source and supply, high quality protein poultry by-products to attain a considerable market share globally.

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We enjoy expressing ourselves, but we'd also appreciate hearing from you!

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